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Dr. Romina Troiani


Romina grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and has always had a keen interest in health, wellbeing, and sport. Whilst studying Chiropractic she gained invaluable experience as a sports trainer in the VFL. This further developed her hands-on skills and understanding of musculoskeletal injuries.  

Since graduating from RMIT University in 2017 Romina has worked all over Victoria providing chiropractic care to people of all ages and walks of life, no matter who Romina is adjusting her goal is always the same.

To educate people about the importance of having a healthy functioning spine and nervous system, to inspire people to become happier, healthier versions of themselves, and to encourage your body’s innate ability to heal itself

Romina believes that there are 3 Pillars of health: Physical, emotional and chemical, and understands through her own chiropractic experience that optimal health cannot be achieved unless there is balance between all 3 pillars. 

Romina is committed to delivering the best care she can for her patients in the Coburg community. She will work endlessly to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

Romina is determined to get you moving and functioning your best so that you can feel and perform your best. 

When Romina’s not in the practice, you will see her maintaining her active lifestyle at Avia Performance, going for walks with her Kelpie Dog Tessa, or sipping on a latte at a local café with friends! 


Chiropractic Assistant

We’re proud to introduce you to our dedicated Chiropractic Assistant, Silvana. With a warm smile and a passion for patient well-being, Silvana plays a vital role in ensuring your visits are pleasant and efficient.

From the moment you walk through our doors, Silvana is here to welcome you and assist with any administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, and inquiries you may have. With her extensive knowledge of chiropractic care and exceptional organisational skills, Silvana is dedicated to making your journey to wellness as smooth as possible.

When Silvana is not in the office she enjoys spending time with her big Italian family, going to the football to support the mighty Carlton Football Club, and taking the family dog Tessa for early morning runs at the dog park!


Chiropractic Assistant

Meet Belinda, our dedicated Chiropractic Assistant whose kindness and organisation make our clinic run smoothly. With a welcoming smile, she ensures that every patient feels at ease from the moment they walk in. Belinda’s passion for helping others extends beyond the clinic as she enjoys spending quality time with her family when she’s not working.
In her free time, Belinda loves nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen, where she combines her love for cooking with her creativity to whip up delicious meals. Belinda enjoys staying active through her practice of Pilates, which aligns perfectly with our clinic’s dedication to promoting holistic health and well-being.
Belinda is truly an asset to our team, and her dedication to our patients’ care is evident in everything she does. We’re incredibly grateful to have her on board, enriching our clinic with her positive energy and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Chiropractic Assistant

Say hello to Isaiah, a remarkable addition to Avia Chiropractic. As a Chiropractic Assistant and dedicated student of Chiropractic, Isaiah brings a unique blend of support and knowledge to our practice.

Beyond his role in scheduling, inquiries, and ensuring your comfort, Isaiah is also on an educational journey in Chiropractic studies. This means you’ll benefit not only from his assistance but also from his up-to-date insights into the field.

Isaiah also comes from a Chiropractic family, he is originally from Sydney NSW, where his parents used to practice as Chiropractors.
When he’s not in the clinic Isaiah will be either head deep in his studies to become a chiropractor, or practicing MMA at his local gym. He also has a keen interest in Basketball and loves spending time with his family when they come to visit him in Melbourne.


At Avia Chiropractic our mission is to provide the highest standard of chiropractic care to the community of Coburg, and surrounding areas. 

We want to make sure every patient feels heard, understood, and safe. We want to provide a space for support, growth, connection, fun and excitement; and most importantly to inspire people to live happier, healthier lives.  

We want to educate and care for as many individuals and families as possible. We will always do our best to help you heal, and provide the best possible resources to help you along your journey.

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“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”