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Migraines can be relentlessly debilitating, if you’ve experienced them before then you know just how severely they can impact your life. 

Migraines can have many different causes, usually when we experience migraines it’s a sign that your body is in a state of dysfunction, stress, or nervous system overload. It’s our job to find out exactly where the root cause of your migraines are coming from. 

Migraines can differ from person to person, you can experience one or a combination of the following symptoms: 

  • severe throbbing, pain, or pulsing sensations (usually involving one side of the head)
  • pain referring up to the forehead or to your eye 
  • nausea 
  • vomiting 
  • sensitivity to light, sound, and smell
  • neck stiffness 
  • aura (visual disturbances, pins and needles sensation in arms or legs, weakness/numbness in face, difficulty speaking) 

Some of the common causes of migraines we see at Avia Chiropractic are: 

  • spinal misalignment (spinal joints not moving freely)
  • hormone imbalance 
  • poor posture 
  • poor sleep
  • allergies 
  • stress 
  • sinus issues 

If left untreated many of these causes can alter the way in which you move, function, and feel. 


At Avia Chiropractic we take a thorough approach to migraines, if we determine we can help you, then we will find the root cause of the problem by examining your entire body – not just where the pain is. 

From there we will create a treatment plan designed specifically for you to help with your problem. Our treatment will include spinal adjustments, adjustments to other joints in the body, muscle work, rehab exercises and lifestyle advice to ensure you don’t re-exacerbate your condition.

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