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Scoliosis is a condition where there is an abnormal, or a sideways curvature in the spine. It is most commonly diagnosed in childhood or adolescents, however depending on how severe the abnormal curve is it may even go undetected until adulthood. 

Some of the signs or symptoms of scoliosis are: 

  • uneven shoulders
  • shoulder blades may stick out 
  • head not centered directly above pelvis  
  • ribcages are at different heights or rib humps  
  • leaning to one side 
  • pain and stiffness 
  • dull aches 

The causes of scoliosis: 

  • idiopathic (unknown)
  • congenital (from birth) 
  • neuromuscular (cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida) 
  • injuries or infections of the spine 

If left untreated scoliosis may alter the way in which you move, function, and feel.  Therefore, contributing to spinal degeneration, muscle pain and spasms, and irritation to the nervous system in the neck midback or lower back.
Scoliosis can also progress as you get older – meaning the curvature in your spine may get worse over time. 


At Avia Chiropractic we take a thorough approach to scoliosis, if we determine we can help you, we will start by examining your entire body – not just where the pain is, organise for you to get some x-rays so we can see, and monitor the angle of the curves in your spine. 

From there we will create a treatment plan designed specifically for you. In some cases, chiropractic care can slow the progression of scoliosis, and even reduce some the curvature of the spine, however depending on the cause, and severity of the scoliosis there are some cases where chiropractic care cannot reduce or slow the progression of the curves. 

If you suspect your child may have scoliosis, early detection and adjustments is key to keep the spine moving, functioning, and feeling its best.  

 Our treatment will include spinal adjustments, muscle work, rehab exercises and lifestyle advice, you may be referred to a scoliosis specialist such as Scolicare, or another healthcare practitioner if your chiropractor believes you need further treatment.

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