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What do I wear to my Chiropractic appointment? 

Nov 27, 2022 | Chiropractic Care

This might seem like a silly question, but I do get asked this one a lot. 

Chiropractic appointments are all about getting movement back into the body, so if you’re wearing something tight and restrictive it can be quite difficult to work with. 

Adjustments at Avia Chiropractic do not require you to take any clothes off, so please work with us, not against us.
Here are some examples of “difficult” clothing items.

Tight fitting Suits Rigid and tight – does not allow for full range of motion in the body
Tight fitting Formal Shirts Rigid and tight – does not allow for full range of motion in the body
Dresses/skirts that go above the knee Adjustments involve lots of movement, we want you to be comfortable, and we would hate for the dress/skirt to move and expose your body. 
BeltsThey damage the Chiropractic tables 
Dress shoes / work boots They damage the Chiropractic tables 
Tights/leggings that are made from Lycra or Spandex This material is prone to slipping on the table and during adjustments, it’s hard for us to get specific adjustments in with this material 
Puffer jackets/ thick coats We need to feel your spine and be as specific as possible.  We can do this through most clothing, but we would prefer not to do it through thick or puffy material. 
Tight jeans/ chinosRigid and tight – does not allow for full range of motion in the body 
Muddy/dirty boots and work clothes
(tradies this is for you!!! – we love you, but please don’t do this to us) 
I think this goes without saying… we don’t love cleaning up mud and dirt from your worksite, you can leave your boots at the door you need to 

Jewellery is okay, normally we don’t need you to remove these items, but on the odd occasion we do it’s things like 

  • Watches, Necklaces & Big/chunky earrings that we may ask you to remove while being adjusted. 

The ideal clothing that will benefit us both is anything comfortable and stretchy. Think gym gear, tracksuits, casual clothes like t-shirts and loose-fitting jeans. 

Hope this was helpful!